Face-to-face drum lessons now resuming at ventilated drum studio

A little tour of the drum studio & main studio areas

Congratulations Sam Swift!

Very pleased indeed that my drum pupil Sam Swift is the winner of the Future Beat 2017 competition.

Well done Sam!

Drum lessons

Welcome to my website

Drum lessons take place at the well-equipped and ventilated drum studio in Chichester.

I offer tuition in a wide range of drumming styles and can prepare you for formal grade exams if that's your thing. I've been playing the drums for thirty-five years and teaching for eighteen. I believe that learning a musical instrument should be enjoyable and satisfying - but - like anything worthwhile, it can be hard work and there are no short cuts to learning to play well, but...

You'll like it when you can do it! In fact there is no feeling quite like the one you get when you make progress because you've worked and persevered at something.

It's not that you can't do it...
it's just that you can't do it yet!

The drum studio
Studio teaching gear
  • Mapex Saturn 6 piece maple and walnut kit
  • Premier Elite 5 piece birch kit (1977)
  • Premier 90s Genista birch snare
  • DW 5000, Tama Cobra & Mapex Saturn hardware
  • Roc Soc & Pearl Roadster thrones
  • Zildjian A & A Custom, Zildjian K, Paiste 2002, Sabian AAX Stage cymbals
  • De Gregorio Cajon
  • Toca cowbells
  • Various percussive items - claves, tambourine, bongos, agogo bells
  • Music stands & trap trays, ear defenders, sticks, hot rods, brushes, soft beaters
Studio Facilities
  • Numerous tuition books, backing tracks, cds, ipod tracks
  • Keys, guitars, Korg click
  • Playback system - ipod, click, keys, guitar, bass connection
  • Parking, kitchen, lavatory

Session/recording work

Enquire about hiring me for gigs/sessions
TV Ads & Themes

Live Spark VW Passat ad/Channel 4's Paralympic coverage/Universal

Latin: Afro-Cuban/Mozambique

Too Much Trouble - Heartshaped Buttons

Grooves: Funk/Soul/R&B/Blues

Another Piece of My Heart - Dynamo 5 (Erma Franklin, then Janis Joplin)

Absolutely Nothing - Heartshaped Buttons

Give Me What You've Got - Daniel Pearce and Ticklin the Pickle

Right from the Start - Heartshaped Buttons

Heading Home - Heartshaped Buttons


Seven - Aubrey Lemmon


What in the World - Aubrey Lemmon

Sandwiched - Peel

I was delighted to have backed the awesome Deborah Bonham for her 2015 tour with dates in the UK, France, Switzerland and Belgium. Back for more dates in 2017.

Saint-Saulve, France: January 2017

Weyfest Festival, Surrey: September 2015

Videos: promos, songs/styles taught, lessons, student's drumming
Promo Videos
Examples of songs/styles taught
Some of Jimmy's drum lessons
Some of Jimmy's students drumming