Break that Beat (score)
My favourite drummer - John Bonham

My 'CV'

  • Full-time drum teacher for twenty years
  • Teaching at Airtight Studio in Chichester
  • Currently teaching drum-kit at Brune Park School (Gosport) and Horndean Technology College
  • Composed and published exam-piece: Break that Beat, London College of Music (LCM) Drum-kit grade syllabus.
  • Session work used by Universal Music Publishing for VW Passat advert and other various TV programs and by Channel 4 for Freesports on 4
  • Performance Demo of Zildjian Constantinople Cymbals at Nevada Music
  • Performances (including depping) at venues, clubs and festivals and recordings in numerous pop/rock/groove bands including:
    • Aubrey Lemmon
    • Beaumonde
    • Britonica
    • Black Mountain College (Lucinda Rose)
    • Deborah Bonham
    • Dynamo 5
    • Heartshaped Buttons
    • Lachlan Horne
    • Ticklin' the Pickle
  • Theatre work including West Sussex County Youth Theatre - various show styles (jazz, blues, latin, rock)
  • Various concert bands - jazz, march, classical, easy listening, pop & rock
  • Recordings for various sessions at Airtight Studios (recorded and mixed by Sam Bell) - mostly indie pop/rock and contemporary soul styles
  • Grade 8 Drum-kit (Guildhall)
  • Grade 5 Piano (ABRSM)
  • GCSE Music
  • Member of Musicians' Union
  • CRB/DBS checked
  • Always strive very hard to get the best from every pupil
  • Expect pupils to practice and try their best.
  • 100% grade exam pass rate