Some of my drum lessons. Learn how to play:

band drum parts, beats & fills - rudiments & rolls - various time signatures - beginners - cool licks beats & rhythms

Band Drum Parts, Beats & Fills

The Killers - Mr Brightside - intro
Led Zep - Stairway to Heaven - fill
Led Zep - Rock 'n' Roll - outro
Journey - Don't Stop Believing - last section
Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight - fill
Deep Purple - Black Night - 1st drum break
Led Zep - The Crunge - Intro
Led Zep - John Bonham - crossover triplet feel

Rudiments & Rolls

5 stroke roll in 16 beat
Rolling in 6/8
Igoe Advanced Paradiddles
Paradiddled Out!
Herta - straight and triplet
Blushda (in context)
Herta - 2nd video version

Various Time Signatures

Stepped hi hats in 6/4
7/8 rock with 1/4 note override
7/8 rock with 1/4 note override on bell
Rolling in 6/8
Odd time duet


Basic drum beat & counting bars with simple fills

Counting & playing basic note values - whole note, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes played on snare drum, quarter note pulse played on bass drum

Cool Licks, Beats & Rhythms

Keith Moon/Travis Barker cool lick
Read & play the Mozambique
The Mozambique - on screen notation
4s, 5s, 6s, 7s