Gigging or session drummer in the following styles

Jimmy plays drums on all tracks plus: * backing vocals; ** backing vocals keyboards


Live Spark - including VW Passat advert & Channel 4's Paralympic coverage (used by Universal)
Silverbird - various TV programmes
FS1 - Freesports on 4

Rhythm & Blues

Right From the Start - Heartshaped Buttons
All About My Girl - Dynamo 5 (Jimmy McGriff) [shuffle]
Somebody Stole My Thunder - Dynamo 5 (Georgie Fame)


Suburban Blues - Lachlan Horne [12/8]
Heading Home - Heartshaped Buttons


9 'til 5 - Dynamo 5 (Dolly Parton) [disco]


Gimme Some Lovin' - Dynamo 5 (Spencer Davis Group)
Love to Keep - Heartshaped Buttons
(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher - Dynamo 5 (Jackie Wilson) [shuffle]
Session 1 - Airtight Studios  (recorded & mixed by Sam Bell, Airtight Studios) [contemporary R&B]
Another Piece Of My Heart - Dynamo 5 (Erma Franklin, then Janis Joplin)


Give Me What You've Got - Daniel Pearce and Ticklin the Pickle
Absolutely Nothing - Heartshaped Buttons
Beat Me 'til I'm Blue - Ticklin the Pickle (The Mohawks)
Seven - Aubrey Lemmon [rock]
Giving up the Ghost - Lachlan Horne [rock]


She's not There 2 - Dynamo 5 (The Zombies then Santana) [cha-cha]
Too Much Trouble - Heartshaped Buttons


March Time - Jimmy Roman
Forever Faithfull - Jimmy Roman [6/8]

Indie Pop/Rock

Yellow Card - Aubrey Lemmon *
What in the World - Aubrey Lemmon **
Years Ago - Aubrey Lemmon
Session 2 - Airtight Studios  (recorded by Sam Bell, Airtight Studios) [swung]
Drown - Silver
Bright by the Sea - Black Mountain College (now Lucinda Rosa)

Alternative Rock/Metal

Want - Peel [6/8]
Unrelated - Peel
So Long - Aubrey Lemmon
Rubber Nan - Peel
Sandwiched - Peel [partly 3/4]
What's Your Desire - Aubrey Lemmon

Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Back in Black - Raw Power (AC/DC)
The Time Has Come - Lachlan Horne
War Pigs - Raw Power (Black Sabbath)
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